Sunday, 1 April 2012


'Electronic Encounters - The Special Edition' is now FREE...

The problem has been fixed and we urge you all to download at leisure..

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Special Edition has landed....

Electronic Encounters - The Special Edition has finally touched down on to the landing strip.

Download your free copy with 'free artwork'

Stepping out of the spaceship door is a host of talented artists who have contributed 6 brand new tracks to this special project.

Here's an exclusive look and listen of the extra tracks.. Ready with those hand signals..

Sarah Angliss:

Soft Metals:

Poeme Electronique:


Chris Lambert:


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Coming soon..

February 29th 2012...

Due to the overwhelming response from the original 'Electronic Encounters' album back in August 2011, we are proud to announce a 'Special Edition' release of the album which is to include several new songs added to the existing album.

Here is just a quick taster of who to expect on this Special Edition...

Sarah Angliss:

Soft Metals:

Poème électronique:



Chris Lambert

Monday, 12 September 2011

Project Moonbase Close Encounters special

The brilliant Project Moonbase internet radio show have kindly dedicated a whole show to our Electronic Encounters album as well as the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind..

Click the player below to hear the show in full..

Project Moonbase PMB045: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Visit the Project Moonbase website to hear more from the recent future

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Luminous Paints... Golau Glau

The sublime Golau Glau provide the first track for this album with a song entitled 'Seeing this shape'.

Its a track which conjures up images of otherworldly colours and strange happenings in a normal suburban situation..

The sound of Golau Glau is unique, different and has a very pleasant alien quality to it which suits this album very well. They have coined the term 'Silver pop' which describes their work beautifully.

Often working anonymously, they are mainly a collective of musicians, artists and photographers and have had their work recognized by the likes of the BBC and the Guardian newspaper..

It's an interesting point of fact that Golau Glau reference 'Luminous paints' in their song as there is a 'deleted sequence' from Close Encounters of the Third Kind in which Roy pinches the kid's Luminous paint for his railway set.. This sequence actually makes an appearance in the Marvel Comic book version of the movie from 1977..

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Album has Landed....

Finally, The Electronic Encounters album is here.. Relax, and drift away to another cosmos or imagine you're part of this classic Spielberg movie. Enjoy sounds from the likes of the brilliant Pye Corner Audio, the lovely Golau Glau or enjoy the light heartedness of the sublime Dolly Dolly..
Drift off to another galaxy with the dreamy sounds of Neil Fellowes or communicate with another species with the funky Sublevel, or why not Check out Devil's Tower with the likes of Vic Mars and The Soulless Party.. All these artist's feature and more with ELECTRONIC ENCOUNTERS...

Download your FREE copy now from here